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Forth Library Documentation

This information applies to the explore/1608-forth/flib/ area on GitHub.

STM32L0 STM32F1  
adc-l0 adc-f1 Analog to digital converter
gpio-l0 gpio-f1 General Purpose I/O
hal-l0 hal-f1 Hardware Abstraction Layer
- pwm-f1 Pulse Width Modulation
sleep-l0 - Low-power sleep utilities
i2c Bit-banged I2C communication driver
spi Bit-banged SPI communication driver
bme280 BME280 temp/humidity/pressure sensor
rf69 RFM69 MHz radio for 434/868/915 MHz
ssd1306 OLED driver for 128x64 and 128x32 displays
aes AES-128 encryption (and decryption)
pid PID control loop for temperature control
timed One-shot and periodic timers
varint Efficient variable-sized integer encoding