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The embello repository on GitHub collects the files of most of the projects mentioned on the JeeLabs weblog since mid-2015, and various bits and pieces needed to make them work. It’s a hodgepodge of code, snippets, libraries, and documents, because the weblog covers such a wide range of topics - it has always done so, and probably always will.


The explore/ folder contains most of the files. Its subdirectories are named as follows:

<last-two-digits-of-year> <week-number> "-" <some-tag>

This corresponds to the weblog article series, which use a similar 4-digit naming convention.

The explore/1608-forth/ area was started in February 2016, but has been in use for a very long time since, accumulating more and more Forth-related code. There’s a reasonably complete descripion of all its subdirectories in the explore/1608-forth/README.md file.

The explore/1608-forth/flib/ area is structured as a library, with its files included in numerous other subdirectories. See the documentation area.


The lib/ subdirectory is a bit older, and was intended to play a similar role as flib/, but for the C/C++ code written for NXP’s LPC810 and LPC8xx µCs.


The projects/ directory holds a variety of (older) projects, both software- and hardware-related. See the projects/README.md file for a brief list.


The docs/ tree contains the source code for the documentation you are reading.


The tools/ area contains the source code for a number of tools, also described on the weblog. See the respective README.md files in each subdirectory for details.

For all background info and articles, see the weblog at http://jeelabs.org/.

For reporting problems and bugs, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

For general discussion and help, there’s a forum at http://jeelabs.net/. You have to register and jump through a few hoops to be able to post and participate in the discussions, due to some anti-spam measures - but as a result, the forum is more or less noise-free.

Everything in the embello repository is Open Source, see the “unlicense”. To contribute fixes and improvements, you’re welcome to fork the repository and submit a pull request.

jcw, February 2017