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Forth Library Documentation

This information applies to the explore/1608-forth/flib/ area on GitHub. The source of this documentation is found at documentation source, and the markdown text there is spliced together with comments extracted from the source code using the using the docex tool.

STM32L0 STM32F1 STM32F4  
adc-l0 adc-f1 adc-f4 Analog to digital converter
gpio-l0 gpio-f1 gpio-f4 General Purpose I/O
hal-l0 hal-f1 hal-f4 Hardware Abstraction Layer
- pwm-f1 - Pulse Width Modulation
sleep-l0 - - Low-power sleep utilities
- i2c-f1 - Hardware I2C driver
i2c Bit-banged I2C communication driver
spi Bit-banged SPI communication driver
bme280 BME280 temp/humidity/pressure sensor
rf69 RFM69 MHz radio for 434/868/915 MHz
ssd1306 OLED driver for 128x64 and 128x32 displays
mcp9808 Cheap I2C temperature sensor
tsl4531 Digital ambient light I2C sensor
aes AES-128 encryption (and decryption)
pid PID control loop for temperature control
timed One-shot and periodic timers
varint Efficient variable-sized integer encoding