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AES-128 Encryption

This package implements AES-128 encryption and decryption of 16-byte blocks. It supports encryption and decryption of arbitrary length (payload) buffers by AES-CTR and calculation of a ‘message authentication code’.

The decryption code is located in a separate aes128inv.fs file.


: aes ( c-addr key -- )  \ aes128 encrypt block
: aes-ctr ( buf len key iv )  \ AES-CTR encrypt buffer, encryption is in-situ
: aes-cmac ( buf len key iv -- mic )  \ AES-CMAC hash key calculation


Encrypt a 16-byte buffer with a 16-byte key

12 34 56 78 4 nvariable mybuf
11 22 33 44 4 nvariable mykey
mybuf mykey aes
: t 4 0 do mybuf i cells + @ hex. loop ; t
\ expected output: B2F79167 C5E63682 E72CAE5E 675105CA

Block cipher counter mode

buf-n len-n key initvector aes-ctr

Cipher-based Message Authentication Code

buf-n len-n key initvector aes-cmac