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MCP9808 I2C temperature sensor

This is an I2C driver for the Microchip MCP9808 temperature sensor.


To initialize the chip and the driver mcp9808-init must be called. This places the chip in continuous conversion mode with 0.125C resolution. mcp9808-data returns the result of the last conversion as a 32-bit integer representing 1/100th degrees centigrade (rounded).

: mcp9808-init ( -- nak ) \ put device into continuous mode, 0.125C precision
: mcp9808-data ( -- v ) \ read data, return as 1/100th centigrade

For low power operation (e.g. battery) the chip can be put to sleep and woken up when a conversion is desired. Start with mcp9808-sleep and when a conversion is desired, use mcp9808-convert to initiate a conversion. It returns the number of milliseconds to wait before the conversion data can be retrieved using mcp9808-data. Then place the chip to sleep again using mcp9808-sleep. Note that mcp9808-convert places the chip into continuous conversion mode so mcp9808-sleep is required, there is no single-shot conversion mode in this chip.

: mcp9808-sleep ( -- ) \ put device to sleep
: mcp9808-convert ( -- ms ) \ put device into continuous mode, returns ms before first cvt


The I2C address is hard-coded as $18.